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Blogname: aprilschnee - personal blog
Blogger: Simone Hencke
Kategorie: Verschiedenes
Sprache: Englisch
Info: lifestyle, food, travel, photography

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vor 2 Jahren Verschiedenes
{daily life} Hey, What’s Up, It’s Been A While
aprilschnee - personal blog
Get the Zayn reference? GET IT? Hey, hi, hello, hope you have been doing well. Some stuff (well, not really, at least nothing too exciting, but still stuff) has been happening over the past few weeks ever since (temporarily) moving back home, so I thought I should just post a little update on that. First, […] [...]
vor 2 Jahren Verschiedenes
{photo} Friday Evening in Amsterdam
aprilschnee - personal blog
  … because everything looks better in black and white. I spent half a day in Amsterdam last week Friday and took some pictures. They didn’t turn out as nicely as I hoped they would, but I thought I could still share them with everyone. I simply love Amsterdam because it is always lively and […] [...]
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