3 Best ChatGPT Extensions

3 Best ChatGPT Extensions

The OpenAI chatbot recently received plugin support with a Plus subscription. With them, the neural network learned to access the Internet and use the functionality of third-party services. However, giving AI new features for free is also not difficult: browser extensions will help. We talk about three tools that speed up work with web pages and information on the network.

ChatGPT for Google

The extension, like other add-ons, works in all popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Yandex.Browser. You may need a VPN and an OpenAI account to activate. 

ChatGPT for Google will complement the search engine results with a window with the chatbot’s answer to the specified question. Support for all common search engines is declared, options are provided for continuing the dialogue on the topic and copying information. In addition, the Markdown rendering and dark theme features come in handy.


This extension provides a user-friendly interface for editing text from any site using ChatGPT. It is enough to select the desired fragment and press the hot key. A window will appear with preset commands: “reduce”, “rewrite in simple words” or “add emotionality”. 

You can also enter your own prompts. Including the plugin allows you to quickly generate a response to an email on the Gmail page. Merlin is free, but requests are limited to 31 per day.

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

It’s easy to translate any YouTube video to text with this tool . Then you need to compress the transcript with the help of AI, getting a summary of the content. It is not necessary to open the video in a new tab: the Summary option is also available from the main page (next to the material preview). There is no limit to the duration of processed files.

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