Author: Andrey No

Andrey No is a Russian writer from Novosibirsk, who works in a related genre on the verge of science fiction and modern psychological prose. The features of his style include high logic, shocking twists, deviance of characters, neurophilosophy and a gentle deconstruction of literary clichés. Andrei's most famous work is the heroic novel The Subject, which was ambiguously perceived by the public: some scold the book for its overly scientific style and the uncertainty of the genre, while others prophesy its cult status. Also recently, his social fantasy Iron is gaining popularity, attracting attention with its uncompromising nature, exotic allusions to real events, rich psychology and unique satirical presentation. Andrei has a medical education, but he has never worked in his specialty. I tried myself in different fields of activity. The most memorable and important experience for him was the work of the director of short films. One of them is the psychological drama Oh, Of Course, Take Off Your Shoes. Also, the author is attracted to composing. In particular, he took part in creating the music for the "Subject" series, and wrote it alone for the audio thriller "Hypocrites" and the social fantasy "Iron".