ChatGPT launched on 39-year-old IBM computer [VIDEO]

ChatGPT launched on 39-year-old IBM computer [VIDEO]

The launch of the ChatGPT AI bot on a smartphone is no surprise, but the developer Yeo Kheng Men found a much more original platform for it. He created a neural network client for ancient MS-DOS, and managed to run it on a retro IBM computer almost forty years old. The experiment was successful, although it was associated with a number of technical difficulties.

As an “experimental” enthusiast used the IBM 5155 computer, introduced back in 1984. It is built on the basis of an Intel 8088 processor with a clock speed of 4.77 MHz, runs MS-DOS 6.22 and is equipped with the very same 640 KB of memory . The Open Watcom C/C++ compiler was used to create the DOS client.

To implement the plan, the developer had to first of all solve the problem with the lack of network capabilities in the outdated OS. To connect to the ChatGPT Chat Completion API, he used the MTCP library by writing a POST request in C by hand. In addition, he needed to perform a number of actions – more details about them can be found in the enthusiast’s blog.

After testing and debugging in Virtualbox, the application created by an enthusiast was able to generate texts almost as well as on modern systems. According to him, although this is not a completely native solution, it will be interesting for people interested in a retrofuturistic atmosphere.

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