China has created a "refrigerator" for quantum chips

China has created a “Refrigerator” for Quantum Chips

China’s Anhui Quantum Computing Research Center has developed a special “refrigerator” for quantum chips that will maintain a stable environment for storing them. Considering how sensitive the quantum chip is to ambient temperature, cleanliness, noise, vibration, electromagnetic waves and more, this refrigerator may be very necessary indeed.

The resulting camera is autonomous and has three independent compartments – this allows you to work with each chip separately. The “refrigerator” is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system that can measure the degree of vacuum in real time and provide a stable high vacuum environment to store the chip for a long time.

The superconducting material used in a quantum chip can chemically react with oxygen and water molecules in the air and lose its optimum properties. Thus, the emergence of such a “refrigerator” is a natural step towards the future of ultrafast quantum computing.