Column from GravaStar scares with its extraterrestrial appearance

Column from GravaStar Scares with its Extraterrestrial Appearance

GravaStar has announced an extremely unusual Bluetooth speaker Supernova, reminiscent of an alien robot from sci-fi movies. With a total power of built-in amplifiers of 25 watts, the speaker can output up to 90 dB.

Supernova is made in a zinc alloy case, framing a transparent flask with an LED lamp inside, which has several glow scenarios, including an imitation of a fire flame. In music playing mode, this light can synchronize with the rhythm of the sound for party lovers.

Featuring a 3″ full-range speaker with 25W of power, 90dB output volume and a 1/2″ tweeter for rich, clear sound. From one charge, the column can work up to 7 hours. It is also possible to combine two speakers into a stereo system. Supernova weighs almost a kilogram, and the Bluetooth range is 20 meters.

At the moment, the unusual column GravaStar Supernova can be purchased for $180. Deliveries will begin on April 9, 2023.