Dell Latitude 9440 is one of the smallest ultrabooks on the market

Dell Latitude 9440 is one of the smallest ultrabooks on the market

Dell has introduced a new ultrabook Latitude 9440, which is positioned as the most compact model among 14-inch business laptops. In addition to the productive filling, it is notable for its almost frameless screen and keyboard with energy-efficient backlighting,

The laptop is “packed” in a metal case, the dimensions of which are 30.98 x 21.48 x 1.49 cm when closed. The 14-inch display, according to the brand, occupies 91.5% of the lid area. The hardware platform of the novelty includes a 13th generation Intel Core processor, three Thunderbolt 4 ports, an audio jack and a nano-SIM slot.

Another feature of the model was the mini-LED backlight for the keyboard. According to the specification, it consumes 75% less energy than its LED counterparts, which allows you to win up to 3 hours of autonomy when using it. The touchpad has touch buttons for quick access to the microphone, camera, chat, and screen sharing functions.

In addition, Dell has updated the Latitude 7000 series of notebooks with the launch of the Latitude 7340 and 7440 Ultralight. New items claim the title of ultra-light business laptops with an initial weight of 983 grams. They received 5-megapixel webcams, 5G modems, HDMI 2.0 and Thunderbolt 4 ports, as well as keyboards similar to the laptop mentioned above. The start date of sales and the price of new products will be announced later.

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