Digit loader robot made more charismatic and humane [VIDEO]

Digit Loader Robot Made More Charismatic and Humane [VIDEO]

In the past, we already wrote about Agility Robotics’ Digit multifunctional humanoid robots, and now an updated version has been presented. The robot has added a cylindrical head and two animated LED “eyes” that indicate its intentions, such as the direction of movement or the desire to engage in a particular activity.

Old version of the robot

Initially, Digit had no head, and the robot was touted as a useful assistant in industries ranging from logistics to industrial inspections. The robot was anthropomorphic, a little less than 180 cm tall. Now it was decided to finally “humanize” it, adding the missing body parts for better socialization.

A new version

Now the robot rolls its eyes, non-verbally warning about its intentions. In addition, the design of his hands has changed, which will now be easier to handle the plastic containers often used in warehouses. Although Digit can walk, stand on curbs, crouch and perform other simple actions, its main function has not changed – to pick up and put various types of objects weighing up to 16 kg.

It is not yet known how much the robot will cost private enterprises, but developer Agility Robotics is opening its Agility Partner Program, giving companies an exclusive opportunity to shape Digit skill development and, as a result, acquire the latest generation of Digit.