Disney's new toy copies the appearance and voice of a person

Disney’s New Toy Copies the Appearance and Voice of a Person

As part of the Tron Identity Program, toys were made on which you can “apply” the user’s face and add his voice. The merch will be sold by Disney and sales will start in early April at Tomorrowland, Florida.

The idea is for the user to scan their face, record six lines of dialogue, and then manually customize their character’s appearance with different helmets, shells, and colors. Customization takes 20 minutes, and further assembly of the figure takes another hour. The customer’s personal miniature “avatar” in the iconic Tron universe comes in a box that looks like a small arcade machine.

Something similar happened with Hasbro, which printed a head on a chosen action figure after scanning the face with an app. But while Hasbro went down the path of 3D printing with a lead time of several weeks, the Tron Identity Program simply shows the customer’s face on a small LCD screen inside the action figure’s helmet.

A similar personalized figurine will sell for $89.99.