Elon Musk and over 1000 scientists called for a stop to the development of AI

Elon Musk and over 1000 scientists called for a stop to the development of AI

A group of scientists and heads of IT companies signed an open letter addressed to the developers of artificial intelligence. It calls to stop the development of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4, and also suggests considering methods of work in this direction that do not carry a risk to humanity.

The letter was published on the website of the non-profit organization Future of Life Institute. It calls for a halt in the development of AI algorithms that will surpass GPT-4 in their capabilities for six months. It notes that software solutions with human-competitive intelligence can pose a deep threat, as numerous studies point to.

The document calls on market participants and governments to take a break to implement security protocols that should guide developers when improving AI. In addition, the initiative implies the creation of state systems for the management and regulation of AI. Among the people who signed the letter were Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, professors at American universities and even developers of AI services.

However, some time after the publication, it turned out that not all signatures belong to their real owners. For example, Yan LeKan, professor at New York University, said he did not sign the letter, although his name appears on the list. Now the site does not accept new signatures – perhaps just because of such incidents. So far, there has been no direct reaction from large companies associated with the development of AI.

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