Fallout: London developers talk about progress and show new gameplay [VIDEO]

Fallout: London Developers talk about Progress and show New Gameplay [VIDEO]

The developers of the hotly anticipated global mod Fallout: London never sit idle. The team presented a demonstration of their progress over the past period, showing various updates in the game.

The authors showed several types of weapons inspired by the First and Second World Wars, interface updates, locations and some gameplay features. For example, Fallout: London will feature… stairs! Usually Bethesda avoids them in their titles, citing errors in the behavior of NPCs. However, a team of enthusiasts assures that both the player and the characters under AI control can use them without problems.

In addition, one of the features shown was tasks with a timer: sometimes players will have to perform some actions within a strictly allotted time, otherwise … the authors say that otherwise there will be “something”. The final part of the video contains a lot of interesting shots with a camera flying through various locations – already now we can conclude that the team of enthusiasts in level design proved to be almost better than Bethesda.

The release date for Fallout: London remains a mystery.