Flying motorcycle for half a million dollars showed in action

Flying Motorcycle for Half a Million Dollars Showed in Action

After a series of announcements,  Bayanat, together with the Japanese manufacturer Aerwins Technologies, finally officially introduced the Xturismo Hoverbike flying motorcycle in the UAE. Each of its 230 horsepower will be used to help people in rescue operations.

The so-called Hoverbike received a turbocharged four-stroke Kawasaki racing gasoline engine and four electric motors that, with the help of propellers, allow it to fly. The motorcycle itself, weighing 300 kg, is made of high-strength carbon fiber used in the aviation and space industries. It is able to rise to a height of up to 20 meters and move for 40 minutes without refueling and recharging at speeds up to 80 km/h.

This vehicle was developed with an eye to the adverse natural conditions inherent in the territory of the UAE. It feels comfortable in desert areas and can even fly over water. The novelty was demonstrated during the event, to which representatives of the Abu Dhabi Police, the UAE Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Health were invited. The cost of such a flying motorcycle is about $555,000.