Futuristic ferris ring to be built in Seoul

Futuristic Ferris Ring to be Built in Seoul

While many still marvel at Dubai’s 250-meter Ferris wheel, the Seoul authorities have announced plans to build an equally impressive structure. It will be the world’s largest non-spoke Ferris wheel, reaching a height of 180 meters. And although it is noticeably lower than the version from the UAE, visually the wheel looks much cooler. 

The Seoul Ring will be built on the artificial island of Nodeul in Haneul Park, originally used as a landfill, but over the decades has become a popular local attraction located relatively close to the border with North Korea. Unlike a spoked Ferris wheel, this won’t spin. Instead, the bogies would be pulled along the outer rim by a gear system while the main structure remained stationary. Construction is scheduled to start in 2025 and be completed by the end of 2027. As planned, the attraction will take about 1,470 passengers per hour, and the limit will be about 11,790 passengers per day.

In addition to claiming it is the world’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel, the city adds that the Seoul Ring will also be the second-largest Ferris wheel in any category in the world. 
The first place is currently occupied by the same Ain Dubai in Dubai. 
At the same time, Staten Island in New York, USA, plans to build another wheel called the New York Wheel, the height of which will be 192 meters, moving South Korea to third place.
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