In Germany, introduced a robot nurse for pensioners [VIDEO]

Germany Introduced a Robot Nurse for Pensioners [VIDEO]

A team of researchers from the Munich Institute for Robotics and Machine Intelligence has unveiled the humanoid robot Garmi, which will take on the role of a nurse in a nursing home. It can also be used in everyday life in ordinary homes: the robot will be able to open bottles and serve food.

The Garmi white humanoid outwardly differs little from an ordinary robot – it stands on a platform with wheels and is equipped with a black screen instead of a face, on which two blue circles are fixed, acting as eyes. As the number of people in need of care grows rapidly, and Germany is estimated to be short of 670,000 carers by 2050, researchers are building machines to take on some of the tasks performed by nurses, caregivers and doctors.

In a lab demonstration, the researchers directed the Garmi towards a patient using a joystick. After positioning correctly, the assistant robot placed the stethoscope on the human chest and then provided health data to the operator’s screen.

Currently, Garmi is undergoing beta tests, but the developers are confident that in the near future the robot will become in demand and ubiquitous.