Gigapixel 3D microscope shown in action [VIDEO]

Gigapixel 3D Microscope Shown in Action [VIDEO]

Scientists at Duke University have developed a multi-camera array microscope (MCAM) that consists of 54 different lenses that capture an object from different angles. Thus, the device can shoot 3D videos on an area of ​​135 cm² at 230 frames per second.

MCAM creates up to 54 images of the same object from different angles, and then they are combined into one giant picture using a special algorithm. Data processing is very serious – up to 5 gigapixels per second – so the camera generates terabytes of data in minutes, loading the central processor. Therefore, the team developed machine learning algorithms to process numbers more efficiently.

The resulting image has 50 to 100 times more detail than a regular smartphone camera or 10 times more than more expensive models. Because of the many different overlapping viewpoints, MCAM also provides a 3D display of objects that can reveal new information. The device is useful for a more detailed study of insects, cell cultures, fine art or collectibles to track fakes.