Google sends branded launcher to rest

Google sends branded launcher to rest

Before the advent of “pixels” on Google’s Nexus smartphones, the proprietary Google Now Launcher was used, which many associated with the very “pure Android”. The launcher was released in 2013 with the Nexus 5 and has been usable until now. But the search giant has taken the decision to shut down the Google Now Launcher. 

Nexus 5 became the first smartphone with the same Google Now launcher

Among the features of Google Now Launcher was the absence of any add-ons in the interface and the built-in Google Now service, which provides quick access to cards with recommendatory content, such as news, information about upcoming trips, directions home or to work, etc.

The most recent 14.14 beta version of the app notifies users that the Google Now Launcher will be discontinued as early as this month. Google recommends switching to a different launcher. If this is not done, then the smartphone will simply switch to the standard shell provided by the manufacturer.

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