Hot new. Diablo IV causing graphics cards to overheat

Hot new. Diablo IV causing graphics cards to overheat

Beta test Diablo IV, alas, was not without incidents. At first, gamers complained about the queues and the loss of created characters – now, as it turns out, RPG has a bad effect on some video cards.

Gamers have been complaining that the game is causing their GPUs to overheat, with one fan’s computer shutting down after 20 minutes of beta testing. So far, there have been no casualties among the GPU (except for the story about the burnt RTX 3080 Ti chips, of course), but the threat of sudden death of iron exists. Representatives of Activision Blizzard and NVIDIA are currently looking for a solution to the problem.

Recall that the open beta of Diablo IV ended yesterday. The premiere of the long-awaited sequel is scheduled for June 6 – and in addition to PC, the fantasy RPG will look at the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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