Hyundai showed robot tanker for electric cars [VIDEO]

Hyundai showed robot tanker for electric cars [VIDEO]

Hyundai has announced an autonomous robot that can automatically connect a cable to an electric vehicle’s charging port to replenish energy. The bot, capable of replacing service personnel, was shown in action along with the IONIQ 6 branded electric car.

Hyundai named its robot ACR. Equipped with a 3D camera, it uses AI to navigate and maneuver around the car and charging station, doing its job flawlessly. That’s what the ACR has wheels for. Combined with automatic parking technology, cars can efficiently drive into a parking space, charge, and then drive out again while drivers go about their business.

Since outdoor chargers are mostly located in public areas, Hyundai also had to create a security rack for the ACR. This uses laser sensors to warn people passing by. Finally, we can note the water resistance and dust resistance of the robot according to the IP65 standard.

Hyundai will show a robot with automatic charging at the Seoul Mobility Show 2023, which will be held from March 31 to April 9.

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