iOS 16.4 is coming soon. What's new?

iOS 16.4 is coming soon. What’s new?

With the advent of the Release Candidate build, there are only a few days left before the start of distribution of the final version of the update. We collected all the innovations of iOS 16.4 on the eve of the release.

Unicode 15.0 and Web Notifications

The current Unicode 15.0 emoji set has been added to the system with 21 new icons, including a donkey, a jellyfish, a goose, an alarmed face, a flute, maracas, a pea pod. More web applications now support sending notifications through the HTML5 Web Push API. In this case, the corresponding icon is displayed opposite the notification. And you can also place shortcuts to web utilities on the main screen from third-party browsers.

“Voice isolation” and widgets

In the RC version of the update, the Voice Isolation feature is available for phone calls over the cellular network. It filters out the noise of the environment, making the voice of the interlocutor clearer and more precise. Previously, the option was exclusive to FaceTime, WhatsApp and other applications that use VoIP telephony. Enabling call enhancement is easy during a call by selecting the desired microphone mode in the control center.

Widgets were provided for the main display, allowing you to track active orders in Apple Wallet. Duplicate detection has been implemented in the iCloud Shared Photo Library. In addition, the “Beta software updates” settings item allows you to set the priority of received iOS builds: public “betas” or versions for developers. The latter require registration with the Apple Development Program.

Other innovations

There have been minor changes in the Cupertino services interface. In the Music application, the covers of the Playlists section have become more compact. There was a button to control the sorting of the media library. In Podcasts, we added the “Channels” tab, where the content is collected by authors. And in Books, the optional page-turning animation was returned.

In the “Universal Access” section, the item “Dimming blinking flashes” was added. And in the Weather utility, they introduced the VoiceOver function for voicing information on the screen. We also fixed several bugs, including issues with iPhone 14’s Crash Detection mode and crashes when pairing thermostats with Apple Home using the Matter protocol.

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