Kaspersky Anti-Virus integrated into RuStore

Kaspersky Anti-Virus integrated into RuStore

The RuStore app store has received a major update: now it can scan a user’s smartphone or tablet for malware using built-in Kaspersky Lab tools. The developers showed and told how the new feature works.

Now RuStore automatically checks all applications installed on the device for threats once a day. According to the developers, during the check, the store does not analyze the user’s personal data and does not request new permissions.

“If the device is infected, then when the latest version of RuStore is launched, information about the presence of malicious code and a potential threat will appear in the user profile. The user himself decides what to do with a dangerous application – delete it or leave it. If no threats are found, the user will receive a notification, ”explained in RuStore.

The new feature is not needed to detect malicious applications installed via RuStore (the content of the store is checked manually and automatically at the moderation stage). Its purpose is to search for dangerous programs downloaded from other sources – there are more and more of them every year. According to the developers of Kaspersky Lab, in the third quarter of 2022 alone, their antivirus programs prevented more than 5 million attacks on mobile device users.  

The new feature is already available in RuStore 1.3.10 (166).