Microsoft succeeded in ousting Google in the search engine market

Microsoft succeeded in ousting Google in the search engine market

Microsoft’s initiative to collaborate with OpenAI, the creator of the ChatGPT chatbot, is bearing fruit. Bing’s implementation of the GPT-4 language model has led to increased interest in the Redmond-based company’s search engine, according to Reuters.

Since the announcement of the launch of the updated Bing based on GPT-4 in early February, visits to the Microsoft search engine page have grown by 15.8%. At the same time, Google recorded a 1% drop. And although 1% seems like an insignificant value, it is still a huge number of people, since the vast majority use the Google search engine.

In addition, since the beginning of February, the Bing mobile app has been downloaded about 8 times more often, while the Google equivalent has been downloaded about 2% less. And although the gap is still huge (810 thousand versus 2.91 million), such a jump can definitely be considered a success. 

Analysts are confident that Microsoft will continue to strengthen its position in the search engine market. Especially if Google continues to delay integrating its chatbot into its own search engine. Recall that recently Google nevertheless released an analogue of ChatGPT called Bard, but the service is still available to a limited number of users only in the US and the UK, while the new Bing is already working almost all over the world and without any invitations. In addition, the first reviews of “Bard”  leave much to be desired. 

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