Modder completely reworked first-person gameplay in Skyrim [VIDEO]

Modder Completely Reworked First-Person Gameplay in Skyrim [VIDEO]

The epochal The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues to receive dozens of new modifications per day, and gamers around the world are trying to update or improve certain aspects of the game. So, user polar posted a work that makes a lot of edits to the first-person gameplay.

The mod is called Comprehensive First Person Animation Overhaul – as the name suggests, it makes it easier to understand what is happening when playing in first person. For example, when sprinting, the hero begins to characteristically move his arms. Particular attention was paid to combat animations. The strikes are delivered differently, tracers are added to emphasize the direction of the attack, and a bright sheaf of sparks flies out on a successful block.

From the video, you can appreciate that with this modification, the gameplay of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is noticeably changing – however, for better or worse, everyone will decide for himself. At the very least, it can be argued that the animations of fisticuffs look bad (not that they looked good in the original game), and when shooting from a bow, the character’s arms bend very strangely. You can download the modification from this link.