New AMD processors will "copy" the Intel architecture

New AMD processors will “copy” the Intel architecture

Documentation has appeared on the network dedicated to mobile processors of the AMD Phoenix 2 family. According to the source, the key feature of future new products will be an architecture uncharacteristic for the series, strongly reminiscent of Intel’s big.LITTLE – however, with one noticeable difference.

According to reports, future “red” chips will include both productive and energy-efficient cores. At the same time, unlike Intel solutions, they will all be built on the same architecture (AMD Zen 4), but will receive different clock speeds and cache sizes.

The relevant information was found in the AMD Family 19h Model 70h (AMD Zen4/Phoenix) reference manual. In the documentation, “large” and “small” cores are described in terms similar to Intel in the form of performance and efficiency, respectively. So far , even standard AMD Phoenix chips have not appeared on sale , so the reliable release dates for Phoenix 2 series models are unknown. They will probably be announced at CES 2024.

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