New weapons found in Counter-Strike 2 code and a hint of a mobile release

New weapons found in Counter-Strike 2 code and a hint of a mobile release

Counter-Strike 2, announced last week, is already in testing, which allowed dataminers to study the game’s code and find a lot of interesting things in it. In particular, there are mentions of completely new types of weapons and even clear hints of adapting the popular shooter for mobile devices – rumors about this have been circulating on the network for more than one year.

Of the most interesting things found in the Counter-Strike 2 code, we can note new types of weapons, such as a bear trap, a fire grenade with a tripwire, and a pipe (hello, a tire iron from Half-Life). There is speculation that all this will appear as part of the Danger Zone battle royale mode. Dataminers also found mention of new skins for weapons, all sorts of “cosmetics” and other customization items.

Of the interesting – a new system of dealing with dishonest players. So, if there are signs of cheating in the match, it will be stopped and canceled.

The most intriguing is the mention of the word “Mobile” in the code, which can indirectly confirm the transfer of the game to mobile platforms. For example, the same lines are present in the games Artifact and Dota Underlords, which were released on smartphones. In addition, the Source 2 engine on which Counter-Strike 2 is built facilitates porting to handheld devices.

At the moment, all this is just speculation, since the presence of any information in the code does not mean at all that it will definitely appear in the game. Nevertheless, the announcement of Counter-Strike 2 has updated the activity record in the current Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game. By the way, CS 2 will be a free update for CS:GO and will be released this summer.