Notebook-constructor Framework will get a gaming version with a large display

Notebook-constructor Framework will get a gaming version with a large display

The company Framework, specializing in modular laptops, announced two new devices at once. In addition to a gaming laptop with the ability to independently install a video card in an expansion slot, the vendor announced a major upgrade of the previously presented 13-inch model.

The forthcoming Framework Laptop 16 will be positioned as a gaming model. According to the vendor, if desired, it will be possible to replace it – for example, buy another keyboard, bleed the cooling system, or add discrete graphics. In total, the novelty will receive six expansion slots for installing various additional components.

Some laptop modules are based on the Raspberry Pi, and anyone can develop their own solution to extend its functionality. To create such devices, there is a special repository on GitHub . The company will reveal detailed specifications of the portable PC at the end of 2023 – around the same time it will go on sale.

In addition, the vendor has updated the 13-inch laptop model, introducing several new extensions. These include motherboards based on AMD Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7040 processors, as well as 13th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors.

At the same time, Framework introduced a battery module with a capacity of 61 Wh, which adds up to 30% of battery life to the current version of the laptop. Complementing the list of novelties is a new matte display, louder speakers (only for the Intel version) and reinforced hinges. Motherboards will go on sale in the third quarter, and the rest of the modules are already open for pre-order.

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