Player implemented DLSS Ultra Quality and DLAA support in Red Dead Redemption 2

Player Implemented DLSS Ultra Quality and DLAA Support in Red Dead Redemption 2

Even four years after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, players continue to improve on an already impressive game. This time, one of the fans presented a modification that introduces a new DLSS preset into the action movie, and also adds DLAA, an improved anti-aliasing method.

A modification from stoker25 adds support for the Ultra Quality DLSS preset to Red Dead Redemption 2 – players can adjust the initial render resolution on their own. In addition, thanks to the efforts of the gamer, the game now supports the DLAA anti-aliasing method based on neural network technologies. DLAA improves the picture at the cost of performance, so for comfortable gameplay you need a powerful PC.

The author of the mod warns that his work should not be used in Red Dead Online, since the anti-cheat system is quite capable of sending you to a ban for this, considering it to be hacker tools. In addition, to avoid various kinds of problems, it is recommended to update the NVIDIA drivers to versions 528 or 531.