Prices for Russian software are growing rapidly: an increase of up to 50%

Prices for Russian software are growing rapidly: an increase of up to 50%

Against the backdrop of many companies leaving the Russian market, including those in the software sector, Russian developers have become more active since last year. However, it turned out that they not only began to promote their own analogues of foreign software, but also significantly raised prices in the absence of competition. 

Nikolai Ulyanov, deputy chairman of the board of Rosselkhozbank, told Kommersant that from March 2022 to the present, prices for Russian programs have increased by about 20-40% per year, attributing this to the lack of competition from Western companies. According to Yuriy Shvydchenko, director of technology practice at Technology of Trust, the price increase was about 30-50%. He noted that this is especially noticeable in system software, office programs and enterprise management systems.

A spokesman for Red Soft, known for its Red OS operating system , confirmed price increases for “certain products” but attributed this to additional investment and staff expansion. Basalt SPO, the developer of Viola operating systems, said about a 10% increase in prices for OS licenses, explaining this by annual inflation. The companies STC IT ROSA (OS ROSA) and Astra Group (OS Astra Linux) state that the prices have not changed in any way. At the same time, marketing director of the Raketa company, Daria Zubritskaya, states that, on average, all domestic operating systems have risen in price by 15%.

According to Kommersant, some large consumers of Russian software have already applied to the Ministry of Digital Development to regulate this issue. The department said they were in contact with the industry and promised to take the necessary measures.

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