Router Keenetic Ultra KN-1811 with Wi-Fi 6 appeared in Russian retail

Router Keenetic Ultra KN-1811 with Wi-Fi 6 appeared in Russian retail

Keenetic announced the availability of a new model of the Ultra KN‑1811 router in Russian retail stores. This is the company’s first model with a high-speed 2.5 Gb / s port and a Mesh Wi-Fi 6 radio part of the AX3200 class. The performance of the novelty reaches 3000 Mbps.

The updated model of the Ultra router is based on an energy-efficient dual-core MT7622B processor with a frequency of 1.35 GHz and 512 MB of DDR3 RAM. Thanks to KeeneticOS optimization, the device provides 250-500 Mbps for resource-intensive VPN protocols OpenVPN and IPSec, up to 240 MB/s when exchanging with USB drives, and 40 MB/s for downloading when using the built-in torrent client.

The router was equipped with a 2.5-gigabit network interface: IPoE and PPPoE performance is up to 3000 Mbps in duplex, and in the case of L2TP and PPTP – up to 1500 Mbps. By default, the port operates in LAN mode, which allows you to connect a network switch, NAS server, work or gaming computer, as well as a second Ultra KN-1811 to the Ultra without any settings to organize a 2.5-gigabit Mesh Wi-Fi cable link systems. Optionally, two gigabit LAN ports can be aggregated to double the throughput of a supporting NAS or computer.

Wi-Fi 6 support provides a maximum channel speed of 2402 Mbps for devices that connect in the 5 GHz band in 2×2 mode at 160 MHz bandwidth or 4×4 at 80 MHz. The slower, but longer range 2.4 GHz band is suitable not only for older devices, but also for household appliances or smart homes. 

Two USB ports version 3.0 and 2.0 allow you to connect external drives, xDSL and LTE modems (up to Cat. 19), IP telephony modules and printers. The read speed from USB 3.0-drive over Wi-Fi reaches 135 MB / s.

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