Samsung Launches Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Pet Control Function

Samsung Launches Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Pet Control Function

The range of Samsung home appliances has been replenished with the new Bespoke Jet Bot AI robot vacuum cleaner. In addition to the direct function of cleaning, the novelty will be useful for pet owners, as it will help to look after tailed animals in the absence of owners.

For effective cleaning of the Bespoke Jet Bot AI, the company has equipped it with functions based on artificial intelligence, which allows the vacuum cleaner to determine the type of surface, whether it be carpet or laminate, and, taking this into account, select the necessary mode. For example, for cleaning surfaces with pile, the vacuum cleaner will automatically increase the suction power.

After cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the station, where it will automatically clean the tank of collected debris thanks to Air Pulse technology. Also, the Bespoke Jet Bot AI has an advanced five-layer filtration system that prevents dust from entering the air, and a well-thought-out dust container design will keep it clean.

A feature of the Bespoke Jet Bot AI is the ability to remotely look after pets. With the help of the built-in camera, the user will be able to watch his pet and even record video. In addition, the device is able to independently monitor the behavior of the animal, and in case of something unusual, notify the user about it. Using the SmartThings mobile app, you can also remotely set up a cleaning route and monitor its progress in real time.

The Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI is available in beige and lime for $1250.

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