South Park writers use AI to script AI series

South Park Writers use AI to Script AI Series

According to the credits, the creators of the popular animated comedy series South Park used ChatGPT to write a script for a series that satirizes the hugely popular OpenAI chatbot. So, in the episode “Deep Learning”, the characters use AI to write school essays and correspondence with their girlfriends.

Released on March 9, 2023, the fourth episode of season 26, titled “Deep Learning”, draws attention to modern people’s obsession with and growing dependence on neural networks and artificial intelligence. The content of the episode boils down to embarrassing situations that an attempt to pass off the generated words as your own can lead to. Summing up, we can assume that the author’s message in it is a call for sincerity in relationships, honesty in study or work.

The episode ends with “written by Trey Parker and ChatGPT”. Although, given the sense of humor of the creators of “South Park”, this may be disguised sarcasm. The credits also explain that some of the voices in the episode, namely the voice of ChatGPT itself, were created using the AI-powered text-to-voice generator.