Switzerland combines solar panels and railway [VIDEO]

Switzerland Combines Solar Panels and Railway [VIDEO]

Switzerland-based Sun-Ways solved the problem of placing solar arrays in existing infrastructure by offering to place them in an unused space between the rails. More than 5,000 km of open railways in Switzerland is equivalent to a solar panel covering an area of ​​760 football fields or 1 TWh of electricity per year.

Sun-Ways uses solar panels assembled at the factory according to a special scheme. Separate elements about a meter long are installed between the tracks and attached to the rails using a piston mechanism. The installation is carried out by a special mechanical train, which lays the photovoltaic panels along the tracks, like a carpet.

The first test section on the public rail network will be launched near Butts station in Western Switzerland. In the future, Sun-Ways engineers intend to cover the entire transport network of the country with a network of solar panels, and maybe even go beyond it. Switzerland alone will be able to generate about 1 TWh of electricity per year from railways, or about 2% of all energy consumed in the country.