Top 10 anime betrayals. Dating sim teaches players how to pay taxes

Top 10 Anime Betrayals: Dating Sim Teaches Players How to Pay Taxes

Gamification is ubiquitous in the 2020s – the same achievements can be found in almost any application. But what about a dating sim that teaches the user how to properly calculate taxes?

Tax Heaven 3000 is a typical dating sim, a 2D visual novel in which gamers have to interact with a virtual girl by choosing lines. True, the beauty is already very fixated on finances – she asks users a lot of questions about their livelihood. In the end, in this way the players will calculate how much taxes they have to pay annually.

The curious Tax Heaven 3000 was released on Steam and disappeared almost immediately for some reason. The developers plan to launch the title on a third-party service. Perhaps, for Russians, the simulator is of little interest, because taxes here, as a rule, are already included in the cost of purchases, with some exceptions. But, for example, Americans – especially young ones – will be very useful to play Tax Heaven 3000.