Two-legged robots got a job as loaders at a Ford warehouse [VIDEO]

Two-legged Robots got a Job as Loaders at a Ford Warehouse [VIDEO]

Agility continues to roll out its advanced Digit robots. They are positioned as universal mechanisms capable of performing a whole range of tasks. This time they showed their effectiveness as workers in the Ford warehouse.

Agility leaders believe that robots will not take jobs from humans. Rather, they are designed to help and solve complex problems, allowing you to automate certain processes. At the moment, several bipedal robots of the Digit model are working in the warehouse of Ford, with which a partnership agreement was signed back in 2020. The auto giant plans to expand the number of vehicles in the future with the aim of moving certain parts within large premises and delivering individual parts. 

The developers explain that robots can not only perform rough work, but are also capable of automating a warehouse at no additional cost. Engineers build a virtual map, after which Digit perform certain tasks, adjusting to the people and other machines in the room.

Agility announced cooperation with large logistics companies, but does not name the exact number of released robots and addressees. Many of them are just exploring the potential of Digit and don’t want the hype around people’s rights. Currently, the Agility team has 56 people, but after receiving investments and contracts, production and the company itself is growing rapidly.