Ubisoft introduced AI for scripting. Gamers are not happy

Ubisoft introduced AI for scripting. Gamers are not happy

At the GDC 2023 conference, Ubisoft talked about the introduction of artificial intelligence into scripting: studios are already integrating neural networks into their workflow, although they will not replace people yet.

Ben Swanson, a researcher at Ubisoft La Forge, explained how the neural network works in Ubisoft’s scripting craft. These tools, he said, will help create large open worlds and save people from repetitive and boring work. For example, with their help, you can make many variations of repetitive or similar dialogues, as well as put a lot of unique phrases into the mouths of various characters.

At the same time, the scriptwriters themselves will decide which lines to write by hand, and where to use the help of artificial intelligence. For example, according to some setting-defining phrases, AI can build a lot of phrase-reactions, from where it will be possible to choose the appropriate ones. Of course, in writing the most important parts of the script, such as the history of the game universe, neural networks will not take part.

The video with the announcement of this technology, called Ghostwriter, collected 3.3 thousand dislikes on YouTube with only 787 likes. Users are ironic that Ubisoft will finally have a reason to get rid of the scriptwriters, and also believe that the quality of the scripts will now drop even lower – and without AI, Ubisoft allegedly does not shine in them. Many express the opinion that game worlds will become even more soulless and robotic.

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