Unreal Engine 5 classic Deus Ex gameplay released [VIDEO]

Unreal Engine 5 Classic Deus Ex Gameplay Released [VIDEO]

Enthusiasts often try to breathe new life into classic games. The author of porting the original Deus Ex to the Unreal Engine 5, for example, showed a new video demonstrating the progress in development.

A lone developer uses original assets, so there are no cardinal differences in graphics. However, the game has already noticeably changed in details: realistic lighting, a particle system, volumetric fog and other technologies typical of modern games have appeared in it.

Unfortunately, the release date of the updated Deux Ex is unknown. It is worth noting that its author does not position his creation as a remaster – according to him, this is just an adaptation of the original game for a modern engine. And in this direction, the enthusiast still has to work and work.