Users of iOS and Android were compared by behavior on the road

Users of iOS and Android were compared by behavior on the road

American Trucks conducted a study among thousands of American drivers to find out who is more dangerous on the road: owners of iPhones or owners of Android smartphones. It turned out that the “apple people” were the cause of 20% of accidents, while the fans of the “green robot” served as the trigger for 15% of the accidents caused by distractions.

It also found that Android users text while driving 2% less frequently than iPhone users and receive fewer fines for passing traffic signs. At the same time, they often drive unfastened and exceed the speed limit.

American Trucks has also explored other correlations. For example, that iPhone users are more likely to demonstrate aggressive behavior on the road, which can lead to accidents, receive administrative fines and enter into various conflicts. Among the “Yabloko” such turned out to be 54%, and among Android users – 51%. Also, when it comes to choosing cars, 30% of Android users prefer Toyota, while 29% of iPhone users choose Ford.

However, iPhone owners are ahead of Android users when it comes to traffic rules. When assessing knowledge of road signs, the former showed themselves better by 5%.

The researchers concluded that the difference really exists and is not a fitting of facts. iPhone users are more careful driving than Android users, but at the same time, they are more likely to cause traffic accidents.

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