"Yandex" increased the accuracy of spam calls detection up to 95%

“Yandex” increased the accuracy of spam calls detection up to 95%

The Yandex company spoke about updating the caller ID function in its proprietary application. Now dangerous and useful numbers are added to the database almost in real time, and the list of advertising, polling and fraudulent numbers has become one and a half times larger.

The Yandex AON database contains 17 million numbers, and 5 million of them have been used at least once for fraud, advertising or surveys. Now the application will detect a useless or dangerous call in 95% of cases and show a notification. But the main innovation is a quick update of the database of numbers. 

“Now the determinant works with a real-time database. Information about numbers gets into it four times faster. For example, if our algorithms learn about a new number of intruders, Android smartphone owners will start seeing the “Suspicion of Fraud” mark within a few minutes after that,” Dmitry Timko, Application Manager and Yandex Browser.

Caller ID is also able to warn about useful calls from the delivery service, clinic, kindergarten and other institutions, so that the user does not accidentally drop an important call. In 2022, the caller ID in the Yandex with Alice application issued verdicts for 1.6 billion calls, 13% of which were marked as unwanted, and every hundredth as potentially fraudulent.

Caller ID is activated by the voice command “Alice, turn on the caller ID” or in the “Services” block on the main page of the application. With it, users can find out in advance who is calling them, or enable automatic blocking of unwanted calls so as not to be distracted. The service is free and works on iOS and Android.

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